Snivy is the Anitrix's scan of a Grass snake pokemon from Unova
Snivy is no amused by kol98-d5k3wiy



Snivy has the apperence of a Green snake but he/she has arms and legs and has a Yellow collar circling  around the left and right of his/her neck

The Anitrix symbol is located on His/Her chest

Powers and abiltiys:Edit

He/she (being a pokemon) can control over Grass type moves like Vine whip/ Leaf blade/ Leaf storm/ Energy Ball.

He/She can also control attract, and it works on both genders (since the DNA of matthew is male it works on females, but the DNA of Snivy is Female so it works on males to

When it is really sunny he/she can absorb sunlight to make himself/herself faster


He/She has a weakness to fire


Currently none

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